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Kamlesh Solution - Full Interview - Why this Soluchan Guy is so famous?

These days, a 13-year-old boy is popular on the Internet, but for the wrong reasons. Some people may find it funny to watch this video, but it brings a bitter truth which is rarely attached to drug addiction.

In this approx 3-minute video, a boy, whose name is Kamlesh, is giving a great interview. The video is about having no confirmation of when and where this boy is doing and what is happening at this time. When the journalist asked him how to drink from the solution (saluchan in Kamlesh's language), he tells very surprising things. He tells that he has run away from the house and now he has not to go back because he will not be able to live without Solution (drug).

Kamlesh said, 'I have been taking for 2-3 years. Alcohol is fierce intoxication. You also look at After sleeping, there is great sleep, dreams do not come. It's a lot of fun.

He further says, 'We used to buy bottles throughout the day, earn money and drink solution.'

The journalist asks him what else he is doing, he says, 'I drink charas, cigarettes, hemp, alcohol, bidi, cannabis and all the drugs.' He told that if he does not drink the solution, then his health gets worse and the blood starts vomiting.

You must have seen or heard about memes and videos of 'Nashebaaz Kamlesh'. Kamlesh, 13, of Bhopal, eagerly speaks of his addiction to the "solution" that he does alone.

In the video, Kamlesh claims to be from Bhopal. He says how he started with "beedi" and then go on to the cigarette and "tube", and finally to something he calls a "soluchan". He even offers the interviewer, saying, "Try! It's gonna be fun! "
While this horrifying video shamelessly depicts the devastating effects of the drug, little can be known about the man behind this viral video.
The 3:33 video clip is a part of the award-winning documentary film 'Nashebaaz - The Dying People of Delhi' directed by Dheeraj Sharma.
We have solution and food. Then we relax! I like to have, drink alcohol, take cigarettes, grass, mess, afeem, snap and solution. If I am not, then I will vomit blood and feel sick, "says Kamlesh.
Dheeraj asks, "Is the 'solution' more important than your mother?"
"Yes!" Says Kamlesh.
Terrible, Dheeraj says, "You are going to die." To which the boy replies, "I will die if I stop taking Solution.

This is a matter of serious issue how drug abuse started in teenagers. The government have to take it seriously and implement very serious laws and punishments to reduce this.

Watch Kamlesh Soluchan - Full Interview :

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